Frequently asked questions


I'm a beginner... where do I start?

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of plants! Email me and let's have a chat... tell me about where you want to put the plant - things like aspect, temperature, whether you're after something leafy or succulent, size, etc. and let me help you choose the best plant for you.

I am after pet friendly plants... can you help?

Yes! Plants such as Chamaedorea elegans (parlour palm) and other palms, Ceropegia woodii (string of hearts), Pilea and Peperomia species, Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant), Aspidistra elatior (cast iron plant) and Sedums are all good places to start. Ferns are safe but please avoid Asparagus ferns as these aren't true ferns and are not safe for pets. Plants to avoid are Dracaenas, Crassulas, Euphorbias, anything in the Araceae family such as Spathiphyllums, Anthuriums, Epipremnums and Scindapsus, avoid Tradescantias, Senecios and any Ficus. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to message to ask our advice.

I have a bright sunny windowsill... what can you recommend?

Cacti and succulents are the best choice for a sunny windowsill. They come in many shapes and sizes. Many plants will scorch if put in direct light but succulents and cacti will thrive.

I think my house is too dark for house plants. Are there any house plants that can cope with low light levels?

Yes absolutely. Plants such as Spathiphyllums (peace lilies), Aspidistras and Zamioculcas (zz plant) can all cope well with low light levels. There are many others and if you would like more advice on this, please don't hesitate to email me.

I would like to create a terrarium. How do I do this?

Terrariums are a great way of introducing plants to your home. If you are doing an enclosed terrarium, then pick little plants which like a humid environment such as ferns, little Peperomias and Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant). If you want to do an open terrarium, then I suggest little succulents that like a drier environment. Don't try and mix plants with different needs as they could struggle with their varying needs. When building a terrarium, start with an aggregate at the bottom for drainage, a charcoal layer is useful for the enclosed terrarium to remove toxins and then use a peat free compost to plant in.

Can you recommend plants for a bathroom?

Yes - ferns such as Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston fern), Platycerium bifurcatum (staghorn fern) and Asplenium nidus (bird's nest fern) all work well in a bathroom as they love the humid environment. Rhipsalis (mistletoe cactus) is actually an epiphytic cactus originating in Central and Southern America as well as the Caribbean so loves the humidity too. There's many more, but that's a good place to start.

If I order local delivery, when will I get my plants?

At the moment I am a one (wo)man band. I aim to get your plants to you as soon as possible but expect them within 5 working days. I also have a pick up service so if you are in the Newquay/Summercourt area, please feel free to choose this option.