Common name

Eternal flame plant


Growing conditions

This Calathea has a really long flowering period, giving a gorgeous vibrant splash of colour to any display.


Hard to find in the wild due to environmental damage (native to Brazil and Tropical America). Leaves close up in the evening. Non toxic to animals. The leaves will get brown spots if the humidity isn’t high enough. Cut brown edges off leaves with scissors, prune at base where leaf meets the stalk. Half brown leaves means over or under watering. If leaves wither at the sides, this could be too much calcium in the water (rain water is best), or too wet/too dry. Can get red spider mite.



Water well in summer months and keep it constant. Use a pebble tray, grow with similar plants or mist ideally every day.



Indirect light, bright. If too light then the leaf colour can fade.



Likes warmth – no less than 16 degrees C and a constant temperature.

Calathea crocata