Common name

Turtle vine, creeping inch plant


Growing Conditions

Native to Mexico, Central America and South America, this lovely little succulent perennial is easy to grow. Can be susceptible to aphid on new growth but easy to treat with a little soapy water sprayed onto the plant. Feed the plant every month during the growing period.



Keep the soil quite moist as much as possible, but as with most things not overwatered or it will rot. Ideally water the plant from the bottom up so it can suck up the water. Mist regularly. If the plant is underwatered, then the leaves can wilt and go yellow.



Bright indirect light is best. If in more shade, then water much less to prevent rot. Avoid direct light.



10 – 30 degrees C. Don’t keep the plant near a radiator or in direct sunlight.

Callisia repens turtle bambino