Dinky baby Monsteras! 6cm pot


Growing conditions

Happy to be root-bound, only need to repot when a plant is young or after a few years in fresh compost. Otherwise, add fresh compost to top-dress once a year. Feed with half strength organic plant food once a month through growing season.



Water well but infrequently. It likes oxygen to the roots so allow the soil to dry out between waterings.



Grow in bright spot, not direct light so it doesn’t dry out too much.



It likes it warm – if it gets cold then the leaves can develop dark patches and die back.


Monstera Monkey Leaf

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  • Monsteras like this are often misnamed Monstera obliqua where they are more often Monstera adansonii. The difference (which is small) is with M. obliqua there is more hole than leaf and with M. adansonii there is more leaf than hole. 

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